At LumiKajo, we take pride in our exclusive line of candles, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly, vegan, and biodegradable soy wax, all responsibly sourced from the EU. Our dedication to eco-conscious practices and our ambition to offer products that are both gentle on the environment and a delight to your senses define our brand's essence.

Why Choose LumiKajo Soy Wax Candles?

Eco-Friendly Choice: Our use of biodegradable soy wax embodies our commitment to sustainability, significantly minimizing our environmental impact. This conscious choice demonstrates our resolve to protect the planet, presenting you with a product that is both ethically responsible and beautifully crafted.

A Cleaner Burn: Experience the assurance that comes with LumiKajo candles, known for their cleaner burn, minimal soot production, and the way they preserve the purity of your home’s atmosphere. The longevity of our soy wax candles allows you to indulge in their luminosity and fragrance for extended periods, making every moment a tranquil escape.

Efficient Fragrance Dispersal: Our soy wax candles are adept at releasing fragrances softly into your environment, ensuring a gentle scent presence even when unlit, and a more pronounced aroma when lit. We select only high-quality fragrances from the EU to ensure your space is imbued with a welcoming and lasting scent.

Health and Safety Priority: Your health is paramount to us, which is why our candles are formulated from non-toxic, naturally derived soy wax, free from any harmful chemicals. Enjoy the comforting glow of our candles, secure in the knowledge that they are designed with your safety in mind.

Hand-poured in Finland with Ingredients from the EU: Our commitment to sourcing soy wax from the EU reflects our dedication to premium-quality ingredients and our support for local industries. This strategy guarantees traceability and aligns with Europe's rigorous craftsmanship standards, ensuring our candles are made from the finest materials available.




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